Omaha NE - Massive water bill - 20K gallons / pad / month


We have a park in Omaha NE under contract. The park is not sub-metered and tenants are not billed for water. The park has had a massive water bill for the past 3 years, averaging about 18-23,000 gallons / pad (last month’s bill was 1,000,000 gallons for 38 occupied pads). Our initial thought was that there has to have been an ongoing leak and that this couldn’t just be tenants over using water, but I spoke w/ American Leak Detection and they said that this could be just usage and not a leak (there are a decent amount of families living in the park). Has anyone seen usage this high without a leak? Also, we are trying to gauge that if there are ongoing leaks, are they reparable or are the water lines beyond repair where we would just need to replace them entirely (the park is very old, from the 50’s). Based on this info, does anyone have any thoughts on the probability that this park would need a full replacement of water lines?


What kind of pipes are in the park? Do you have a map showing the location of pipes in the park? Many times pipes get replaced over the years but if park is 50yrs old it probably had galvanized pipe when built.

Water usage is obviously way to high should be more like 100 to 150 gallons a day per home. This would equal about 170,000 per month.

Is there a leak in the mainline or a tenant running water 24/7? One garden hose running 24/7 is 423,000 gallons per month. My point is it doesn’t take a big leak to burn alot of water. With no submeters it is really hard to know for sure but one disgruntled tenant could run a faucet nonstop and use a lot of water. Leaky toilet could use between 500 and 1500 gallons a day.

It sounds like a water leak…
Best way to know for sure is to have some watch the meter at 2am and see what kind of usage is going on.


The average American uses 80-100 gallons per person per day.


I know of the park. If you are interested in assigning the contract to us and make a quick profit let me know.