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I have been reading every posting on the forum with great interest! Seems to be the opinion of most everyone that in order to further my education I should attend the MHMs seminar in Austin.

I am happy to report that I “pulled the trigger”. I will be there and am excited at the prospect of increasing my knowledge by being associated with people who are actually in the business. I hope I will be able to meet some of you guys and gals in person.

Greg, your note yesterday concerning the L/O 26 space park pushed me over the edge.

Thanks, see you there!



Congratulations! I knew you would see the “light”! lol :slight_smile: But all joking aside, this 3 day event will definitely change you and how you see mobile home/mobile home park investments. You will also receive the best training available from the best and brightest people in the industry. Not to mention you will develop a strong network of people that you will call friends for years to come. You will also have a chance to meet the icon of all icons in person… Lonnie Scruggs! That is worth the trip alone! :slight_smile:

Darrell, I look forward to meeting you in Austin and helping you along your path of financial freedom by creating a lifetime of cash flow and equity!




Thanks for the encouraging words. I am excited to learn as much as possible and hopefully get my feet wet before long. Just so you want be surprised, I am not a young whipper snapper. I have been a small time investor in mostly single family homes/rehabs for a long time. It IS time for something new!

Looking forward to seeing the faces that go with the names.




I hope you get a chance to read each of the inspiring stories that we are highlighting this week. All of these individuals went to Mobile Home Millions and it was a springboard for them to do some amazing things in the mobile home/mobile home park world. Each of them credits the education, inspiration of what other attendees had accomplished, the network of people that they created for both personal friendships and business relationships. But above all what struck them the most was the willingness and openness of the speakers, other attendees and the mobile home community to share information, help one another and applaud each others successes.

Ernest Tew and Lonnie Scruggs set the tone and pace for the investors in this industry and we have both of them to credit this amazing, supportive environment! It is truly an AMAZING legacy that Ernest and Lonnie have created! People really do have a “Pay it Forward” attitude which is extremely hard to find in real estate investing!

Welcome to the Mobile Home University family!




At the risk of beating it to death, i would like to view these inspirational stories but have not been able to sign in or log in. Obviously my email is on record, are these messages to come through that mode?

Thanks again



You won’t regret your decision. I have been to 4 MHM and I have learned so much from each. The price is very cheap for the knowledge gained. Ironic really, my L/O for 1 grand tipped the scales for you attending this meet and two of the folks presenting are DIRECTLY responsible for my success with this. Steve Case showed me the power of a L/O in 04 and Karl Warner wrote my Lease and Option.

There are dozens of investing seminars out there and I can’t comment on the value they each bring to an investor, but I can state unequivocally that I wouldn’t have the assets I have today without these meets. Period.

As Corey says these meets are a direct spin off from Ernest Tew’s and Lonnie Scrugg’s books and seminars that they have selflessly shared over many years (decades). I have had the very real pleasure to meet both and these are great men.

I only personally endorse two groups of folks that give seminars, bootcamps, or learning camps. Tony and Scott’s Bootcamp in August and any bootcamp or seminar Steve and Corey put on. These are the real deal and are always sold out. Something Ernest likes to say is, " The best investment we can make is in our own education." I own all but one of Tony and Scott’s books and all of Steve and Ernest’s material. it is worth the trip to Austin just to hear Lonnie speak. On top of that you will hear and meet Corey, Tony, Steve. Round tables with Karl Warner, a DD specialist! Wow!!

It all started with a 30 dollar book for me and literally thousands of others.




Thanks for your note! See you in Texas. I would prefer not to be known as the guy with “Big hat, no cattle”. Any help will be appreciated!



Hey Darrel,

I just signed up today for Mobile Home Millions 6 for me and my wife as well. I have been investing in single family homes and tired of no monthly cash flow. We are burning ourselves out with flipping homes!

See you in Austin.


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As stated above I am going to Austin for my first NHM event. Just curious does the SD stand for South Dakota?

Hope to see you in Texas.