Offer to Pay for Home Move


I would like to offer to pay for a portion of, or all, of the cost for a tenant to move their home into my park as an incentive to live there. I know I can approach the local dealerships with my offer to pass onto their customers, but I get very few tenants from the dealers. Most of my tenants have purchased second hand homes and have moved them into my park.

How do you get the word out that you are making this offer? Do you advertise the offer on Craigslist, FB Marketplace, Penny Pincher Paper, fliers at local grocery store, bandit signs,…??? What has worked best for you?

I am not trying to “poach” homes from other parks, but what happens if a tenant takes me up on my offer and currently resides in another park? Do you typically turn them down so as not to aggravate the other park owner?

Just curious how this has worked for other park owners. Does it pay off? How much are you willing to pay to get a tenant to move in?


I’ve done this in a handful of my parks. With our move in incentive the park pays for all costs associated, but we pass that cost back to the resident over 4-5 years by having them pay around $50 extra per month. Some cases they have put money down and we paid the rest.

All forms of advertising you listed work. I’d suggest some Craigslist ad’s, Facebook garage sale/rent pages in your respective city, newspaper, and a couple bandit signs never hurt.

As for pulling residents from other communities, that’s their decision if they choose to move away from where they are. But I wouldn’t advertise directly to them.

Hope this helps a little, if you want to discuss more shoot me an email at