Notice of Violation "Ticket Book"


Trying with no success to find a “ticket book” that my managers can walk around the park with and issue violation notices. One with a carbon copy attached so we have a record of date/time/notice details. And with perforated tickets so they can be filled out, torn off and posted on doors or wipers. Similar to the books traffic cops use. Any ideas?


@joematyk Go talk to a local print shop as they may have to create that from scratch for you. And if it is good, then you can sell the rest to the others on this site and make your money back.

Good luck



This might sound silly, but super Wal Mart has a business supply section. In that you can find something very similar to what you’re looking for. They have the carbon copy “ticket” type pads that you can fill in for various items. It looked pretty handy but I didn’t buy it because I send my tenants everything via USPS/post on their door.


Why not use a free home inspection app? You can create the template for these yourself and upload it to your app (instead of Roof, Siding, Plumbing etc you have Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3…). The Manager just takes pictures and catalogues issues by Lot # and sends you or someone the report who then sends out the violation notices.

Then you have a better documentation trail with pictures and can validate the severity of the issue yourself to take the appropriate action.

Home Inspector Pro is one of these:


I don’t have a “book” of violation notices but I did order some from a property management company that work really well… try Peachtree property management supplies by HD Supply … they have some different formats. The ones I use are a door hanger and have carbon copies so there is a copy for the file and for the tenant.


I would just hire this guy and forget about it.


Had a local print shop print some up they work great


I use for custom forms. I create the form in Word, save it as a pdf and upload it on their website to the type of form I need. They have many different sizes and types of forms including duplicates.