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Hi All-

Wanted to get some information out to everyone as I know you are looking for inventory! We have a number of parks currently listed with more to come. Please reach out if there is anything you would like more information on.

NorthMarq is also a direct lender for agency debt. I would be happy to help with quotes on any acquisition debt/equity financing or any refinance needs!

Don Vedeen
NorthMarq Manufactured Housing

Current Listings:
North Dakota: 385 MHC Spaces + 46 Apartments, 95% occupied, 4 star, All Ages, City Utilities
Missouri: 177 Spaces, 70% occupied, All Ages, City Services
Arizona: 84 spaces, 93% Occupied, All Ages, 6 POH, NEW city sewer, Well
Arizona (RV Park): 45 spaces, 67% Occupied, All Ages, Well/Septic
Alabama: 40 Spaces, 100% occupied, All Ages, City Water, Septic


When you say that you guys are a direct lender, what exactly does that mean?


@DaveM - NorthMarq is licensed to work directly with the agency lenders (Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac) which, long story short, means less spread and lower rates on debt.

We are Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer (Direct)
We are a Fannie Mae DUS Lender (Direct)
We correspond with 50 different life insurance lenders (exclusive, semi-exclusive, and open agreements and service these loans)
Work with local banks and bridge lenders (not direct)
Currently 37 office nationwide and servicing over $52b in debt.


Hi, Dave,

Do you have the link to your website?

I am interested in the first two parks:
North Dakota: 385 MHC
Missouri: 177 Sapces

I will love to get more information: park location, rent roll, P&L. Thank you!

My email:
My phone: 206-354-6280



Hi Don,
My husband and I live in Georgia, but are looking at properties in neighboring states. Will you provide me information on the Alabama property listed in your email? Also, we recently went under contract that is a property with 15 mobile homes. It’s not a park, but homes are on the same 2 roads. Do you lend on this type of property or on mobile home parks only?

Thanks in advance for the information!

Jill Denlea


We are interested in the MHP’s in AZ and AL. As you bring more parks to market, we’d be interested in reviewing them for a potential purchase. Our acquisition criteria is outlined on our website:



I would love to get more information on the parks in North Dakota, Missouri, and Alabama. Is there a website to view these parks at? My email is My family currently owns 3 parks in Texas and we are looking to expand to other states.


If you need help selling your parks let me know. I have sold over $200M worth of parks and 65 parks in the last 18 months. I can likely help you get top dollar. Give me a call.

Glenn Esterson
Senior Director
The MHP Broker

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F: 1-866-366-8176
C: 423-483-0492

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