No Certificate of Zoning - Is this enough?



I am looking at a park where the city can not locate any records on the property. Is this statement from the zoning department head enough?

Hi Jason, I thought I had sent everything to you previously. I don’t have a “certificate of zoning” I can supply you with, but can inform you that it is legal, non-conforming use as identified on the attached zoning map. Legal, non-conforming use is outlined in ORC 110.043. With regard to the number of lots, our zoning resolutions do not speak to that. I believe that would be identified by the County Auditor’s Office or the State Department of Commerce which oversees the states manufactured homes program.

And one previous forwarded response from the zoning historian:

I reached out to our zoning historian regarding your questions and her response is below:

Mobile Home Park—you’re correct, Eric, this is a non-conforming use. Section 110.043 governs non-conforming uses such as this and that section authorizes the BZA to handle appeals for changes in use and expansions. In terms of any history of zoning in this regard, I know the Township had a zoning resolution since before 1983, when I was asked to work on a bunch of amendments. I don’t know the history before then in terms of any Township Zoning Resolution or default to County Rural Zoning. The County may know. In the absence of any history, we’d recommend anything in writing from the Township stick to the facts we do know—legal, non-conforming and the maximum number of lots if the County Auditor has that.


I suggest you go to the State Dept of Commerce and get a letter from them that states that the park exists and is legal non-conforming. I’d also ask the County Auditor how many lots the park has per their records. Compare that info to what the Township says.