New Park Management Software


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Very interesting. If you have a user friendly interface at a reasonable price then you’re definitely exploiting a fantastic niche. What is your price per month? Any start up fees after trial period? Cancel any time or is there a contract?


Hi @chads

No startup fees. No contracts cancel any time. I am working with the owner to get the price point. We think user interface is great but we need people like you to try it out. Give us your feedback. Are you willing to try it out? What do you use now? What would cause you to switch? How much would you be willing to pay per month?


I’m willing to try it. PM please


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This looks really promising.

I’m already fully integrated into Buildium so beta testing wouldn’t be in my domain, but if this comes together well I’d likely switch over.


Hi @Noel_S

You are a perfect person to try our software. We are not looking for beta testers as the software works.

We need quotes from people like you who want to switch to us.

We would feature your quote on our site as reasons why customers are switching to ARVEE.

Please help us out and help yourself by trying it.

We would get great quote from you and your business would get a better solution. Thanks! Click on link to register.


Thank You! Please can you disclose the monthly fee? It is not on your site.



I’m actually in the process of switching from Excel to Buildium this month.

Looking around the Arvee screenshots raises this question:. I want my tenants to see lot rent and unit rent separately. Is it easy to do this?

I’m also very interested to see the rent collection options.