New MHs sold at $15k/unit, wholesale pricing?


I am told that I can buy new MHs at a wholesale price of $15k/unit; but I was not given further details. Is anyone aware of such wholesale pricing? Is there a minimum order quantity required: 10, 20, 30, 40 units? Who is the manufacturer or distributor? Thank you for answers.


Told by whom? It does sound too good to be true.


An investor at a recent convention that I attended; he said he was looking at acquiring a 100+ pads MHP.


Low 30’s on a single FOB at factory,

Now add freight, setup, etc…


Can you provide sales/distribution contact information? Thanks


What state are buying home for?


The MHP is in Virginia


Well here’s a little secret,

Clayton Homes controls / owns over 50% of the manufacturers.

Champion Homes / Skyline is the next largest.

Both companies have plants throughout the US.

I would contact them.


I will try out reach out to them. Thank you.