New list of Off market MHP's




UPDATE…Most of those MHP’s on my list are gone now. It has been overwhelming sending to everyone. If I have already contacted you, they may be available so hang on.

Please contact me directly at if you want me to send you more MHP’s. My next batch has motivated sellers. THANKS.


Hi Michele

Are there any left on the list, if so please email me

Thanks JJ


I have 12 individual lots about .25 to .30 with 2+1 and 3+2 homes on them. It is not a park but sprinkled over 3 consecutive streets. Locataed in Lutz Florida. Should i post each on this site with asking prices?

#126 please add me as well


May I see the list as well?

Thank you


We are interested in being on your list. We have $7.1mm in the bank and pay referral fees.

deals [at] parkavenuepartners [dot] com

Thank you!



Done, Jefferson - Thanks.




Thanks for asking Patrick. Sent!


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I am interested in this 20 space Asheville park.


Please add me.


Great. I’ll email you in just a few. Thanks.


Great. Thanks…will send u what I have.


Please add me to your list


Please add me to your list:


Please add me to your list


I’m in


Hi Michele, i would like to be added.

thank you.