Need to go to MHP physically first before seller signs on the dotted line


I have a contract that I sent out to a seller that he received last week in the mail. The MHP is a 100 site TOH community all rented and additional vacant undeveloped sites and acreage that I put zero value on in my offer.

There a few items in the contract that he would like me to amend and resend out which is not a big deal and I plan to do. The offer terms deal which he prefers for tax purposes and estate planning.

The problem that I’m having is he wants me or a team member to meet him at his park and walk the community before he signs the contract. I live in California and the park is in Christian County, Kentucky. I personally do not want to hop on a plane without having the park in contract.

Anybody here that owns a park in this area would like to speak with you. If you do please message me maybe we can work something out.

Does anybody know of a professional service that can act as a liaison to a company and walk the walk and be professional and represent a company properly?

Appreicate suggestions!



Spend the few hundred bucks, meet the seller in person. Sometimes you have to pay to play. Maybe he might not sign on the line but say you send someone, seller doesn’t like them and blows the deal…

Its a relationship business , go meet the guy and sign in person.


California to Kentucky plus car and hotel? More like a thousand. I’m just saying. I’d want to get it signed up before visiting too.


Why not have him sign the contract with a contingency you visit within a week. After your meeting drop off the contract and earnest money to the title company, or if big surprises cancel on the spot.

Hopefully your conversations with the seller made it clear there shouldn’t be any.


@Brandon - I’m glad you relate. Too big of a commitment for me to travel across the entire country to build a possible relationship with a seller.

@jhutson That is a Fantastic idea, Thank you sir!


How much are you spending on this 100 space park? I drop $1000 on stuff in my 20 space park more often than I ever thought possible.

Go and build the relationship. If you can’t afford $1000, can you afford this park? These are not passive, set and forget investments.