Musings from Louisville - Tiny Homes (pause) are... Good for Something


Day one of the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show 2018. This show is many things, but for me, it’s a target rich environment for networking and hopefully picking up some cool ‘Ah-hah’ moments. Here is one from this morning shared by George Allen.
What to do with Tiny Homes? The general public’s fascination with tiny homes shows no sign of abating. Good! Get your hands on a tiny home and plant it in a prominent spot at your park and advertise it.
Chances are, people will flock to see it with the intent on wanting to get in on the latest craze, that is, until they actually do a walk through and realize there is no way they could live in this thing!
You step in and say, Well…we have this single section for sale over here that might fit yours needs a little better…
Some might call it a ‘bait and switch’, but I’ll choose to call it 'customer service '.


My managers in NE brought me a deal on a tiny home just yesterday. $5k. Needed some work on walls. Manager could move it into the park with his truck.

I passed.


I am at the show also, was at the seminar also.

Interesting idea.

You still around Thursday?

We should meet up.


As you should! How long before the family you move in kills each other because of lack of space. New age or not, people need their space and it’s a tiny home…


Yeah, last week I bought a ‘98 (I think) 14’ x 55’ for $5,500. I’m going to have to pay to move it and paint the inside but a person could be comfortable living in such a place.