Most cost effective way to put in a Park Office?

We are under contract to acquire a park that currently does NOT have a park office. However, in order to get our Dealer’s License, the State requires that the park have a sales office that is a dedicated structure…can’t be the manager’s home.

Can anyone offer some advice on the most cost effective way to put in a park office? Should I be looking at bringing in a used home and re-purposing it into an office or is there a better way to approach this?


I imagine what you suggest is your obvious best option.

We are going through this right now. Our parks are in PA and licensing is a challenge. We looked at used homes and office trailers. Office trailers are expensive. Used homes always need renovation plus the install and transport make it a $20,000 proposition. We were fortunate and had a tenant move out recently. We purchased their 1980 home at a decent price and are renovating it to bring it up to code. I’d suggest talking to your local Township building code official first. You’ll most likely need a certificate of occupancy for the license and have to go through them anyway. We checked with our township officer before we did anything and are glad we did as they had requirements of their own in regards to “office trailers.”


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One of the cheapest and easiest ways to do this is to install a mobile home that you intend to sell. It can be new or used. After you have it ready, use some cable ties to hang your sign and get your license. After you have the license, bring a second home, sell the first, and re-hang the sign on the other home. Repeat this process until you have no vacancy.

Thanks guys! Greatly appreciate your advice here.