Mobster Business Names


Happy New Year MHU Friends!

Quick Question:

Do you use Intimidating business names?

In the University program Dave mentioned that he used Intimidating Mobster business names for scary parks - and no one messed with him.

We are thinking of using a business name: “Missouri Attorneys at Law, llc”

It would be the company that owns the park land, has the bank mortgage, and also used on the letterhead park notices to tenants.

The company will then own the park’s name as a dba; and all bank accounts will be in the park name of course.

no we are not attorneys .

Do you like this idea? Seems like it would scare away a lot of trouble.

Is it taking Dave’s philosophy too far? or would it make Dave proud?



Hmmm. Not sure how important that is. But are you and your partners Missouri attorneys? If not, don’t name it that. Don’t pose as something you’re not.

Personally, I work it from the positive side. My LLC’s have names like “The Affordable Housing Group” and “The Colorado Housing Fund.”


I don’t believe most states allow you to use professional names like "attorney, doctor, engineer, etc unless you actually are one.


“also used on the letterhead park notices to tenants.”

Jeez please read the FDCPA before you go and get yourself sued out of existence.


Lets be respectful of each other. There is no need to shoot down someone disrespectfully when they ask a question. It can discourage future posters to ask legitimate questions .

I know I have previously , and will ask stupid questions again (so maybe saying this more for myself :slight_smile: ) but just something to keep in mind to keep this the great forum it is.


I don’t get why that would be necessary to use a mobster like name. To each their own but if the goal is to improve the park the first part should be that the park owners and managers should be providing a place to live at a value price.
I hope that the name got sorted out. In WA state you cannot call yourself something you are not for business purposes - you cannot pose as something that would require a state or federal license. I cannot call myself Doctor. or Lawyer or Attorney, etc because I don’t have the licensure background to back it up.

Here is the thing, if your management / owner ship group follows the law, are practicing kindness and fairness with the residents of the park, and are consistent with rule enforcement and showing gratitude to your residents… the name doesn’t matter. You could name it Joe’s Trailer Park and it would be the best on the block if those above items are followed.

Humbleness, fairness, consideration, and human kindness (without being a doormat), get the respect from the residents. Trying to place a name that is maybe misrepresenting who you are or is overly harsh sounding doesn’t win in the long term.

People that don’t want to be around clean, consistent, rule enforcing, friendly people will weed themselves out because living in a clean, balanced community makes them uncomfortable. They will posture and huff and blow out on their own. Like tumbleweed in a tornado.

People will start trouble no matter what the name of your park is, its how you chose to react that shows the professionalism.

So what did you end up naming it?


Actions speak louder than words. If you are quick to issue fines and evict, that will go a lot farther than whatever your business is named.


Name like that might a counter effect. People might say that they are lawyers they have plenty of money and let’s sue them. Just my thinking I guess because I’m in Mississippi (a highly litigious state).