Mobile home retail license red tape


Some people have recently paid off their rent credit and want the title, no problem. I’m being told I need a retail license to sell the homes I already own to the residents.

Anyone else experience this?

The catch 22 is that they’re also telling me to actually get the retail license, I have to be zoned to have a mobile home retail lot. I’ve explained that I’m not selling to the general public, only residents, but still they say I have to be zoned for a retail lot, to get the license, to sell the homes I own.

Anyone else deal with this bureaucratic red tape?? Is there a better way?


UPDATE: I do have a parcel of land that is fortunately zoned for a mobile home retail lot, that was my concern. It turns out in the very long list of approved uses, Mobile Home Retail lot is under the letter O, not M, R or anything else even remotely logical.

Why you say? “Outside Mobile Home Retail Sales”. As opposed to all of those indoor mobile home sales lots. :unamused:


What state are you in? You will need a retail license, almost certainly. We do in TX and MI.


What is involved in obtaining a retail license?


In Texas, I think you need to post a bond and attend a 3-day course in Austin. In Michigan, we had to post a bond and that’s it to get a provisional license. Then the permanent one came with no other hassle, I think.

The bond I believe is for $50,000 and will run about $1,000 per year. The course is given every couple of months and costs about $350 I think. I’m hedging because this is all off the top of my head.


It’s not the license that I care about, no big deal. The issue is that fact that your park has to be ZONED as a mobile home retail lot.

Now - in my case I’m in luck, the front part of my MHP has about 2 acres that are zoned for just about anything, including a mobile home retail lot. Also in luck, the office building is in that parcel. What about all the poor saps that don’t have a parcel zoned for a retail lot?

It’s more the principal of it all, having bureaucrats tell people that they can’t sell mobile homes that they own. I understand the need for some regulations, but it tends to be “regulation creep syndrome”.

But - it still ticks me off because if I wasn’t fortunate enough to have that parcel, I’d be screwed. I think there are probably some loopholes, like making an agreement with another retail lot.

Getting off soapbox.

See update in my original post.


I’m in Virginia. I haven’t taken any courses yet but plan to. I am looking at a potential opportunity and am trying to figure out the factors I need to look at.