Mobile Home...Rental...Window Film...For Heat Rejection...Thanks!



  • Has anyone every used or installed Window Film on Mobile Home Windows for Heat Rejection?
  • If yes, how was the install and how was the result of the Window Film?

We have a Mobile Home Park in South Carolina with lots of windows on the West Side. Thus, there is a huge amount of heat coming in the windows from the sun.

We started researching items to help block out the sun’s heat (drapes / blinds / curtains) and ran across window film (we do have white, plastic blinds to provide continuity from the outside, but they do not stop any significant amount of heat).

Home Depot has a product called:

  • “Gila Titanium Heat Control Window Film”

The overall review score was basically 4 out of 5 stars.

When I started reading the reviews, the lower reviews seemed to stem from the fact that the install process was not the easiest and needed a second person to really help in the process.

The higher reviews were actually the end results (which seemed to reject the heat).

We were just wondering if anyone has installed Window Film for a house (or even car), any tips/suggestions and the end result to actually stop the heat from coming through the windows.

Thanks in advance for your comments!


@Kristin I have my remodeler planning to install this on one of my homes as part of a larger job and came to the same conclusion as you. The installation tips from reviewers on Amazon were enough to convince me that the product is great, and installation is tough for the first time, but easy and repeatable afterwards.

The interesting thing I have not been able to answer is that this home was vacant for about two years prior to my purchase and has some window film on several west facing windows. Around the edges it has “crinkled” and I am not sure if this is because there was not ideal temperatures inside the unit, the product was installed inappropriately, or if this is just what happens after it has been installed 10 years. I’m also not sure how painful it will be to get the product off the windows - will let you know.

I had left over metal r panel roofing from another job and was debating installing exterior awnings using that but couldn’t justify the cost of the frame… and wasn’t convinced that was an improvement I would see notable ROI, but that’s my backup plan if the film isn’t a homerun.


I did install film for some extra income for a little while when I was younger.

After using good quality product from Madico and lumar dealers I am skeptical of products available at the retail level, however if the product is more than 1 ply it may be ok.

If you have new multi pane Windows you need to be aware that you can blow the seal because the film does reflect a lot of heat back between the two panes of glass. If I remember correctly you just don’t want too dark of a tint but I will double check that and get back to you.


The trick with a long lasting install on residential flat glass is allowing a slight gap 1/16 - 1/8" around the edge so that the tint can actually stick to the glass and not have part of it touching the edges. You also want to clean the glass very well and not with windex. The ammonia is bad for tint. Clean the boarders especially well. You will want to use one of those small utility blades that you can snap the blade off to keep it sharp and use stainless blades to prevent scoring the glass. It’s important to use a rigid squeegee to push the water out from top to bottom and wrap a paper towel around it to catch water. If there is too much soap mixed in the tint will move around if you push too hard but will still set fine once dry.


Those square box cutter blades work well with windex which has ammonia to work on the adhesive. You may be able to pull the tint off but will have the glue left behind. It’s a bit nasty and messy but no worse than most other demo type work.
Another trick is to spray some water or soapy solution on the existing tint and put a single layer of plastic like a garbage bag or Saran Wrap and let it sit for a couple hours in the sun. Most of the tint and glue should come off much easier after this.

Any further questions just email or call 859-230-2185


@jhutson & @Louvie , thank you both so very much for your comments, advice and knowledge!

We so greatly appreciate it!


Today my Husband and I learned a new trade of tinting Mobile Home Windows.

My Husband fired me a couple of times and I fired him a couple of times also :slight_smile: .

The window film went on, but the test will be if it stays on :slight_smile: .

It is very helpful to have 2 people to actually place the window film on the window.

We purchased the Window Film and all the accessories from Home Depot.

The Window Film has a gray / reflective tint from the outside during the day.

This is acceptable to us as we were mainly concerned about function…keeping the heat out.

If you have a Mobile Home with west facing windows, this seemed to help reduce the heat flowing into the Mobile Home.

We actually ended up installing the Window Film on a 40 year old mobile home with single pane windows and on a 10 year old mobile home with double pane windows and storm windows.

The instructions stated that it could be used on double pane windows (which was different from an Online Review that stated the instructions they received said not to install on double pane windows).

However, the instructions did state that the Window Film should not be installed on windows that are more than 40 years old. Hmmm…we read this AFTER we installed it on the 40 year old mobile home. Hopefully, the windows will survive.

We wish you the very best!


I would be very interested in hearing your opinion on this product after a while. Can you send a link on the product and where to buy it. Can I order on Amazon?


@howardhuang33 , thank you for your post!

We purchased the Window Film in person at a Home Depot Store:
Gila Titanium Heat Control Window Film

  • Model # HRT361
  • Internet # 100616385
  • Store SKU # 461932
  • Internet Price: $29.97 / Each

Below is a link to the Home Depot Website:

Please note that there are different Gila Window Film products.

We selected the “Gila Titanium Heat Control Window Film”.

There was a Gila “Removable” Window Film that received much lower Customer Ratings.

We wish you the very best!


I am a former tint shop owner and former manufacturers rep for the window film industry.

Its great stuff, the materials sold at HD are garbage and be careful what you apply to dual paned windows as you can damage them but otherwise its great stuff and an efficient way to solve problems versus replacing glass.

In most cases, I’d pay someone to install a professional grade material but if you’re balling on a budget and looks don’t matter this stuff will work.


@tmgrdon Tim is there another brand / material you’re recommending over what Kristen used? Appreciate if you can elaborate a bit more.


This is a product that is getting easier to purchase the professional grade materials but you’re likely going to have to go either online or through a local dealer.

There are different quality levels and if you want a short term fix, auto zone car tint, the stuff at lowes etc will work just be very careful if its dual paned glass. It will break glass from high solar absorption.

If you have a more long term goal, keep heat down, last many many years etc its wise to find a local shop that carries residential films and have them install it. Should run around $4-$5 a square foot installed. If that is too high, still go to them and just ask to buy good quality materials and watch you tube videos on how to install and get a handy man on it.

Its a hard material to install well, its a great product though. I have it on my home even with new dual pane windows. It helps a lot.


@tmgrdon, I am re-opening my RV & MH parts store and I would like some information on distributors to contact for the “good stuff” since I am located in deep South Texas this would be a good product to carry and have my guys do installations on for my homes in the park as well. If you can help with that information please PM me and I will give you my email and phone.