Mobile Home Park...Tree Trunk...Tenants Painted...What?



  • Have you ever successfully removed paint (water-based) from a tree trunk?
  • If yes, how?

We have 2, Newer Tenants who felt the need to paint two, different tree trunks.

One Tenant painted the bottom of the trunk white.

The other Tenant painted some saying on it.

Perhaps it is a cultural thing, but I would have never felt the need to paint a tree nor have thought it was appropriate behavior.

I found the following document online:

  • “Graffiti Removal From Trees”
  • “Use citrus-based graffiti removal agents that contain such ingredients as natural orange extract. Citrus-based degreasers essentially are the same as graffiti removal agents and available at most retail stores.”

I also found the following suggestion:

Has anyone tried the above suggestions or used other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your knowledge!


That happened to me not too long ago. My “solution” was to learn to like it. Or at least tolerate it. My office manager convinced me that it didn’t look that bad. And the tenant was working hard to make her lot look nicer. Better if she had asked permission first.

As a side note, a few years ago I painted a bright orange X on a tree I wanted removed, only later to decide it should stay. Time and nature was kind to me and after a year or so it faded enough that it was not noticeable.

Let us know if you find a simple solution to your problem!


@Suburban , thank you so very much for your post!

We greatly appreciate it!