Mobile Home Park Insurances?

I currently have a liability insurance and an insurance for the park owned homes. I could not find an agent who does physical damage insurance on the park itself - the septic tanks, electric lines, water mains, and other stuff like that. Is that type of coverage usually not necessary? What other insurances am I missing here? Thank you very much.

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Mobile Insurance provides property damage coverage. (800) 458-4320

We don’t know enough about your property to say whether you need floor insurance, but can consider business interruption, and if you’re in Texas - stampede insurance.

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I like the business interruption insurance idea. I’m mostly worried about vandalized from a disgruntled evicted tenant or teenage neighbors’ kids. Would the business interruption insurance cover that?

Business interruption insurance is for loss of revenues due to you having to close the business for a period of time. Property insurance would cover the cost of vandalism.

I have property insurance for my park owned homes, but I cannot find any company does that does propeert insurance for the park infrastructure itself. For example, if a fire burns down all the above ground infrastructure and destroy all the utilities. There isn’t an insurance that will pay for rebuilding the entire utility structure? I’ve had no luck finding anyone that has this coverage. If a truck drives over my septic tank, and my park entrance sign and breaks it, my current insurance doesn’t cover it at all. Any suggestions? Would business I interruption insurance cover the scenarios I mentioned above?

Call Mobile Insurance.

I did today and they dont have it lol

They do for the infrastructure and improvements on my RV park.

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I will check in again on monday. The agent on the phone didn’t seem to know

Who owns above ground power poles and lines? The power company or the park? If someone destroyed the power system, I would think that it’s the power company that would need to pay and fix it right?

The above ground pole and lines can be owned by the utility or by the park. You have to determine that. Sometimes it is a combination. If the utility owns the pole, there should be a pole number on it. It is common for the utility to own the poles with the main lines, and for the park to own secondary poles with lines leading to homes, street lights, etc.

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You cannot insure everything against every risk. What are the risks of the underground utilities that would be a covered peril?

Alvarado Pacific
Address: 7777 Alvarado Rd #605, La Mesa, CA 91942
Phone: (619) 668-4600

Ask for Clint Bailey.


We use Alvarado as well. They are very good. Clint will get you started and Roxanne will do the details.


Roxanne is awesome!!

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