Mobile Home Park For Sale



I have a mobile home park for sale near Fort Worth, TX ( within 60 miles radius )

21 lots
8 lots occupied
- 5 lot-rent only
- 2 POH rented
- carrying a note one home owned by Tenant
2 Abandoned home
Lot rent $100 to $250
Water/Sewer city provided; individually metered and directly billed by City
Electricity individually metered and directly billed by City
All utilities paid by tenants

This park will be a good turn-around park for those who are near Dallas Tx. Seller financing available with 25% downpayment.
Please reply with your email id if you are interested.


I would like to hear more about it.



If it is still available I would like more info. My email is

#5 please.


Interested if still available.


Just throwing this out there. I’m just curious to how real are the so called owners that want to sell their park on these forums. I’m not implying that this opening post or all who post to sell their park on a forum are not real but I responded to three such posts with absolutely no reply.

If I was truly a motivated seller I would at least leave an email address or even maybe a telephone number. OP has no email or number to respond to. Give me a break.


Would love to get more information.


Please email me about this if it’s still available.