MHP vacant, abandoned in NY - Rehab or sell?


I recently “inherited” a MHP in NY that family ran into the ground. The property has 7 homes, with 6 vacant and abandoned. One clearly needs demolition, and the others minor to major repairs.

The problem is that I neither want nor have time to act as a MHP landlord, but the property as is probably cannot sell. I’ve heard about Lonnie dealers but have no idea how to go about finding one. Should I put in the effort to rehab and rent or sell these homes? Will there even be anyone interested?

Just trying to rid my hands of this lot without too much difficulty! Please help!


in what city or county is it located ? . dose it have city water and sewer or other


It’s in Sullivan county, and the homes are on well water and septic. I’m willing to pay for removal if necessary, or to sell the lot or homes individually.


Hey there,
What part of sullivan? My wife grew up in Bloomingburg and I grew up in Pine Bush. We live in dutchess county now, but I may be able to help you. That park is too small for us, but I may know someone interested. If so, I will help you out. - Kyle


Hi Kyle, it’s close to Liberty and Fallsburg. Let me know if you know anybody interested! I am willing to sell lot or to sell homes or spaces for homes. There is one currently occupied TOH and one or two homes needing rehab, the rest likely will be demolished. I am negotiating demolishment for them.


Good afternoon. I live near Sullivan County. Rehabbed a lot of properties and would love to talk about your park. I can help you!


Definitely sell! Let me know if you need help obtaining titles to your vacant/abandoned homes.


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