MHP owners - how do you pay yourself?


I know there are various ways to skin this cat and I’m hoping some owners will chime in with how they do it and what they think the pros/cons are of that method.

The question is: How do you pay yourself as an owner? Do you put yourself on payroll and receive W2 income? Do you have your MHP structured as a disregarded entity (like a single member LLC) so that the income all just flows through to your personal return? Those of you in LLPs and multi-member LLCs, do you just take it as K-1 income? However you are doing it, based on your experience, what are the pros and cons of doing it that way?


All of my properties are single member LLCs. They each pay a nominal management fee to my management company LLC based in state of residence (high tax). I try to make that company as close to breakeven as possible.

All else is pass-through as you describe. Very clean and have had no issues.