MHP Lender Commercial Capital Resources


Has anyone used CommercialCapital Resources for financing? I can’t find reviews online, but they are listed with BBB.
This is their website and they even recommended the MHU 3-day seminar.

They are nationwide, and MHP THAT WE ARE TRYING to acquire is in Indiana
Any recommendations for non-traditional financing lenders is welcome!:wink:


Check with John Medernach First Secure Community Bank Sugar Grove IL six three zero 409 724six.

They will so loans on the right deals in Indiana. They know parks, do parks, and understand them . Im sure there are others but def reach out to them to run the deal past.

John is a stand up guy.

There is also someone else here who posts they stuff in Indiana but have no personal experience with them.


Are you looking for financing? My name is Kurt Wilkerson and Vanderbilt Mortgage finances parks nationwide. You can call us at 1-800-309-5008.


I see that no one really answered your question yet so I will. I have gone through the lending process with them and they seemed very professional and knowledgeable. I didn’t close the deal using them because the seller on that particular deal pulled out. I would considering them again in the future though.


I would echo the sentiments of @Dominic730 as I also worked with them but ultimately was not able to close a deal due to seller objections.
I would give them a shot if I were you.