MHP is non conforming so new replacement homes allowed


I am looking at a small park (under 30 pads) and was notified that the park is non-conforming and the city has stated that if any home is replaced, all homes on that road must be conforming. Supposedly this has to do with the setback of the pad from the road. Does anyone have a wild guess as to the cost of moving a pad further back in the lot? I have reached out to the city to get more information on what exactly else is non-conforming. Thanks


You shouldn’t assume the city knows what they are talking about; I’m not aware of a state where a component of one street is required to be conforming on an otherwise nonconforming property.

The land use is what is non conforming, and that includes the moving of homes in and out of the park.

Get info on their city ordinances and seek help to make sure you’re treated fairly as a landowner.


I would have a conversation with the City and review the issues with the Park. I might even contact an attorney in the area to review. I have seen some parks like this from time to time. It’s a tough call for me because I’m always thinking of an exit before I purchase a park. These parks that are non-conforming or a grandfathered but you can’t bring homes in or out are just risky.


Agree- you are at the mercy of city that can revoke your non conforming use permit. You have to keep same homes forever and repair unless you get city to modify/ agree that this is better for neighborhood to bring in new. They think apartments or other housing better than “trailers”


Thanks for all the repIies. I did speak at length with the city planner regarding what exactly is non-conforming. It’s basically about 8 homes on one road and they are too close together.

Since this is about 25% of the homes, I considered possibly doing a sale based on the conforming homes and doing a leaseback on the non-confirming ones for a period of time.

In the end, I didn’t want to fight the city and didn’t need the headaches.