MHP in OH for sale


I have a MHP in contract ready to assign.
Price $139,000
Park in Grand Rapids, OH
-Licensed for 24 sites.
-10 TOH, 9 POH
-2 Vacant lots, 3 not developed
-Lot rent $300/mo
-City water and a sewer plant.
-Electric and gas in owners name

Walmart 14 miles away
Toledo 20 min away

Toledo Population: 600k
Household Income-44k
Med. house price-99k

If anyone is interested please PM me.


I may be interested. Do you have the financials please?


PM me with your email address. Ashley Caves will email you with a non compete form before I can give you more information.


Please send me all info of MHP to




We have had a large amount of interest on this property. We have reviewed all the offers and we will be assigning it today. Thanks for your interest and we will have a lot more properties to come.


I am interested…
New to the forum not sure how to PM