MHP Bird Dogs - User Experience and How to Locate


I am seeking bird dogs to help source MHP opportunities in the Southeast and Southwest. Have others had success finding individuals who focus exclusively on sourcing MHP leads? What has been your experience with wholesalers or other individuals who focus exclusively on cultivating deal flow in the MHP arena? What are the best methods you’ve found for finding MHP bird dogs?


Hi - reach out to me and I can give you a contact for the SE. I met them at SECO last year.

Brian McDonald, CCIM
Crestone Capital Partners
Direct: 720-636-6551


I am a very new novice bird dog, I live in FL and scour listings mainly in FL but I am branching out into surrounding states. I’d be happy to share viable leads with you. If you are looking for something specific let me know and I’ll keep my eye out. Yvette



Thanks for the response. Below are a few search parameters for the parks we’re looking to acquire. We can be flexible as long as a few parameters are met.

Please contact me at

  • 20-150 lots

  • Utilities: City water, private water well, city sewer, private septic

  • Geography: Southeast (VA, WV, MD, NC,SC, GA, AL, TN, KY); Southwest (TX, AZ,NV, NM, UT); Midwest (OK, MO, IN, IL, NE, KS, MI, OH, PA, WI, MN)

  • <35% park owned homes

  • <35% vacant lots

  • <10% RV

  • Roads: asphalt, concrete, crushed gravel


Yvette please email me at