MHP Attorney (dodd frank knowledge)


I am looking for an attorney that knows his/ her way around dodd frank, my park is in Michigan and am looking for an attorney in michigan


As you likely know, Rishel Consulting Group, is nationally recognized as a consultancy in the manufactured housing industry on issues relating to the SAFE Act and the Dodd-Frank Act and have over 6,000 customers that have used us to help them understand and address related problems. However, we are not a law firm, and do not act as such

The bad news is, there is not a law firm in Michigan we would be prepared to recommend regarding the issues you specified. If you truly need a law firm, the closest competent firm (on these issues) we know of is in Chicago, and the others are based in NYC or Washington DC. All of the firms we know operate nationally.


thank you for the tip ill be looking into this