Managers Paying for Supplies


I am getting my first out of state park. I have apartments in town but never had to deal with issues from a great distance.

How do you handle the situation where your managers needs to buy stuff for the park? And how do you compensate them for using their own vehicle to do so?


Check out Purchasing Platform. They have nearly everything available on there. Your manager will log on and pick the supplies they need to order and then you confirm or deny the order. Items arrive just a couple days later.


I’ll either purchase online with homedepot, lowes, officedepot etc. Most of the time I can get free shipping, but when I can’t I ship to store nearest the park and have the manager pick it up.


What about all the little stuff – gas for the lawn mower, etc.?


Bento For Business is a prepaid debit card that you can load online. I’ll keep a balance of $500-$1000 on it, and after the manager makes a purchase will scan in the receipt. After reviewing the receipts I’ll top up the card. You can also limit what types of stores purchases can be made at.

Chase also has a business credit card called Ink I’m trying out where you can get additional cards with low caps on the balance.


They pay for the little things, provide a receipt and I can deposit money in their account next day from my bank.


American Express is pretty business geared, they have spending controls so you can keep the limit 500 or probably less… you can also stop the card if you need to which is nice. For auto, you probably want to reimburse them the proper amount for mileage but more importantly, you want to make sure you have coverage in place for them running one of your errand with company time… Good luck