Management Team Pay

We are being told by prospective managers and others that we are not paying enough for the management team. We are paying $10 per space plus credit for lot rent that comes to around $935 per month as recommended by administrators of this site. We have about 1/2 the homes that are park owned with lessee responsible for all repairs on NNN lease.

Here are the management teams duties for that pay:

Exhibit A. Assignment of Duties, and Addendum page

Daily Duties for Manager

1.Pick up trash around entire park and especially around Dumpsters

2.Check telephone messages

3.Check business mailbox for office mail

4.Advising owner of problems

5.Collecting and entering rents into computer park management software first 10 days

6.Sewer treatment plant; Daily make sure motor is working and waste is flowing; maybe have to add chemicals daily for a month or so.

7.Pump house cistern area: A. check pressure gages daily to make sure pressure on both gages is between 68-70 on both tanks B. Flowmeters: Make sure they are working

8.Make sure all park owned equipment is put away and all sheds are locked.

9.Make sure all the lights in the park are working

Weekly duties of manager

Weekly in the spring, summer and fall until too cold :

1.Mow the common areas weekly and the vacant lots also (but depends on how cold it is and how much grass grows , maybe ever two weeks)

2.Snow removal is only in winter months and only as needed

3.Tree trimming as needed


1.Meet with operator once a month


1.Cisterns have to be cleaned with the pressure washers

2.Sewer Treatment Plant needs to be checked to see if sludge needs to be removed

General duties of manager

1.Meeting with potential residents

2.Filling out applications and leases

3.Titling with DMV

4.Filling out and delivering 3 and 5 day notices

5.Faxing notices and rental agreements to the attorney for evictions

6.Overseeing writs of possesslon

7.Managing repairs and maintenance

8.Mediating tenant disputes

8.Notifying tenants of rules violations

9.Reporting crime/emergency problems

10.Changing locks after eviction or move out

Manager will be responsible for all repairs to the park and park owned homes that are vacant. Manager will not be responsible for replacing anything that is a capital improvement. For example, things like replacing fences, seal coating, asphalt replacing, gator paving, crack filling, rehabbing a home for sale or lease option, sewer line replacing, water line replacing. Manager can do those things but will give us a bid just like any contractor based on their time and materials.

However, if it is a repair then that will fall under manager duties. For example, water line break, sewer line break and repair, sewer line clean out using our machine, water line break under the home (riser); broken couple of slats of fence

PARK OWNED MOBILES (Lease Option Homes)

1.Manage the make-ready of homes for sale/rent

2.Show homes

3.Lock / secure homes after showing. In the winter set temperature to 50 degrees. Convert home to gas if it is on propane.

4.Fill out applications and collect money order for Offer to Lease/Option/Rent

5.Answer calls from ads

6.Get all the paperwork signed by Optionee and collect all money needed for move in.

7.Conduct “walk-thru” with new resident, give them the keys, and get Check In/Check Out sheet signed.

8.Inspect damage after move out for deposit refund

9.Make suggestions for advertising placement

  1. Truck. Tractor and all other park owned machines and etc : making sure all are serviced reg

Since we have 1/2 park owned homes should we be paying more per space to management team and how much?

thanks for your input


$10/lot for ROHs

$15/lot for POHs

$10/lot that needs to be mowed

That’s fair pay. We’ve never had to pay more. We don’t provide free lot rent. But if you are in California or some other expensive market, you may need to pay more. Look for someone inside your park. The ideal management candidate will not care too much about the compensation. The ideal candidate is already in your park with the nicest mobile home, and they have pride of ownership, and want to make the rest of the park nice too. Money is not the motivator for the right candidate, ability to make the park nice is their motivation.



I agree with Jefferson.

ok i went to the critics and they sad yeah Jefferson and Frank are just paying that for the manager not anyone else. Is that true Jefferson and Frank?

What am i missing here?

Another administrator or this board recommends a team preferably husband and wife called “Manager” and he has maybe full time job and maybe she even has part time job.

She would probably do all the office jobs and he would do the maintenance that is listed above for duties. He would do no capital improvements.

we have 29 at $15 and 25 at $10 comes to $685 and free lot rent of $390 total $1075. plus #250 on selling a home.

Other administrator just pays $10 per lot whether park owned or not. I do all the bill paying, contracts,

i would appreciate clearing this up as i don’t want to be called a “cheap”

Park is in Colorado.

Our $10/$15 pay structure is indeed just for managers - not for a repairmen. Managers do all the rent collecting, evicting (although not always appearing in court), showing of homes, signing of leases, scheduling of minor repairs like sewer unstops (but not doing the minor repairs), etc. Repairs are a whole different ball of wax.

A repairman would be doing makeready on homes as they turnover (new locks, touchup painting, moving out a broken appliance, bringing in a new appliance, fixing holes in sheetrock, etc.), and also fixing water pumps, maybe mowing laws and trimming trees, doing sewer unstops, etc. One of my consulting clients has a large, gorgeous MHP in California with ~$100,000/month rent roll. For that park, I hired-in a husband-and-wife team who ‘do it all.’ The pay for them is higher, principally because they are in California and the cost of living is higher, not because ‘they do it all.’ Larger/nicer parks have the needs and payroll to hire management and repair teams (find them from within your park or advertise on

For most of our repair needs in our parks (Oklahoma), we hire-in labor for each job on a fixed-bid basis. We rarely pay by the hour for repairs, but when we do, it is around $15/hour for unskilled labor (sheet rocking, tape, texture, painting, etc.) and around $60/hour for skilled labor (HVAC, electric, plumbing).

Your park would have to be really large and have a lot of POHs to justify having a repairman on the payroll. If I were you, I’d probably ‘just’ hire a manager at the $10/$15 pay scale, and then develop a list of approved vendors for you or your manager to call when you need repairs (painting, roofing, plumbing, tree trimming, electric, etc.). Get fixed bids from these repairmen. Don’t tolerate a vendor who says “Oh man, painting your house took me 25% longer than I thought, so I need you to pay me 25% more.” Mobile homes do not change size or complexity while they are being worked on. Repair jobs need to be awarded to vendors skilled enough to assess the job and give you a fixed bid. Of course, you then need to pay them promptly provided their work is good.

My 2 cents worth,


Hey guys

We appreciate all your help on this situation.

Ended up negotiating a deal with a new lady that is moving in the park on the 1st of December and retained the maintenance guy just hired last month . We really liked the maintenance guy for his honesty and work ethic and they together wil be the team. She has no management experience but is more computer savvy than last manager and will not have any other job so she can concentrate on our park fully. We modified the pay as follows: have 29 POH at $15 and balance 25 space rents @ $10 plus lot rent came to $1085. Office manager will make $885 and Maintenance man $200 per month. He has a full time job and for him to take the job at that pay then we agreed that we would pay him extra for projects that we decided we needed done. We will get bids on any capital improvements and home make ready’s from the maintenance man and from professionals on a time and materials basis.

We are happy with this situation and again thank you for helping us in this difficult time.