Mailing lists for direct mailing


Now that I have a list of property owners can anyone recommend the most cost effective way to send out the mailers. I guess I can go to one of many direct mailing sites and send them the list of names I want to send out but that seems a bit expensive.

The other option is to go to knko’s and print out labels .

Any suggestions?


My suggestion for a limited budget:

  • Buy some Avery Printer Labels from Walmart, Office Depot, any of those.
  • Go to their website, and pick out a template you like with the model # on that avery label box you buy.
  • >>> Templates >>> Find a Template >>> Enter Product Name or #
  • Use the template in MS Word >> copy and paste addresses/names

Cheap and easy – moderate time consumption depending on the amount of mailers you are sending out.

3 Do’s & Don’ts:
10 Tips Direct Mail Marketing:

Unless you have some capital to use on some branding and a company that can print and send out on your behalf.

Mailing Companies:


My suggestion, save your money and don’t send mailers because you will be hustling just like every other Joe to land the same deals. “Call me if you change your mind!” I have a file full of these. Come with a price first, then send the mail i.e. individualize and do your own digging to find the gold nuggets.


That’s part of what makes it fun! No fun without some hustle.

But I will side with Brandon on this… Take it from the guy who get’s mailers all the time.

I have found the best way to sell/market any product/service, is to be personal. That doesn’t mean find out what the guy eats every day… It mean’s find a way to show yourself if you can’t in person.

Some people like being sold to… other’s prefer indirect selling. Provide value before you provide what you want.

What works for me doesn’t work for everyone either. Marketing however is universal, and there are many ways to do it.


I have read and listened to many investors who have purchased properties via direct mail. I think the average results will be 1 percent replies so the 99% who throw the mailers out probably don’t believe this is the way to go. That makes sense. Since the number is so tiny I would be surprised if the 1% who reply to direct mail are anywhere near this this forum.

I do appreciate Brandon’t recommendation of coming in with a price. I believe that is very good advice. Brandon how would you go about that? Wouldn’t you need to know some more information about how the park is doing first?

Once again Aaron thank you very much for the suggestions. You are a great resource. One of the best.


You are banking a lot on 1 in 100 and not 1 in 1000. How much does 100 mailers cost? I guesstimate $1-2 each?

You can do amazing things with the internet these days. You have to sleuth it out, but gov’t websites often have public GIS, Google has aerial photog, you can “street view” it, you can do test ads. Pick the park first, then find the owner not the other way around. At least, that’s my view of it for the time being.


This is a great thread! For me, I’ve got the time and I feel comfortable sending DM. Its easy to do and takes time but everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

I use RealtyJuggler to track my mailing campaigns. Its 99 bucks for the year and offers simple services for what I need. I highly recommend it if you’re on a budget and want to avoid the learning curve of some of the fancier CRM programs out there. On the other hand, its cheap so it doesn’t do everything someone might want to do. Keep in mind, I’m not sending out tons of mailers on a weekly or monthly basis. I’m keeping it quite local to myself and markets I already know.


Dave spoke about his most successful DM campaigns were to parks where he sent a specific offer. I’m not sure I feel comfortable sending an offer like that throguh the mail yet…

But I think there is definitely an advantage to finding the park and then the owner.

And with the tools listed above (Snovio), it might be fairly easy to find their online contact info.

Somebody could probably write a book on just finding off market real estate deals. This is an art as much as a science.


What was the company you originally referred to? I’m looking to get a service like this. Thanks.


Which part of the post are you speaking about?



If you’re looking for an MHP List – Snickfish is providing a national and state level list for FREE.

Click “Useful Information” and it will take you to the bottom where you will see the lists.
Not sure how much help that will be, but the page is full of other resources as well.