Looking to buy a 50+ MHP

Hi, I am looking to buy a park that has over 50 lots and is mostly lot owned park. I would like to work hand and hand with wholesalers who are sourcing deals! We have the capital lined up just need to find the right deal.

Don’t we all (sigh)]


haha that is so true!

“don’t wait for something to happen, go out and make it happen”

Until you have multiple parks & brokers know you can close deals, you’re not going to get any decent properties from them. By the time they go live, they’ve already been passed on by multiple investors.

The best thing you can do is go out & find off market deals (cold calling, direct mail).

It’s easy to find a 50 lot park with many tenant owned homes, you just have to accept a 5.0% cap rate!

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Im in escrow on a MHP in the Bose metro I’m looking to Assign.

can you email me the information at andy@coarecommunities.com

Please email me information on the deal in Boise. robbie.mosher@gmail.com