Looking for land to buy to build an RV park in Austin TX


Hello, I’m Rob and I’m new to the FORUM, I am in the process of searching for land to buy so that I can build an RV park in the Austin surrounding area. I hope to meet with many of you to develop my ever growing contacts list and to pick your brains for some knowledge of the business.
I am currently in the process of searching for the perfect piece of land to purchase and there are so many questions, conflicts and variables .
one I would like to ask is do you think it is worth paying the higher land cost to be closer to the city?


Welcome to the forum Robert!

As the old saying goes… Location, Location, Location.

You can go both ways… there are great parks in the city limits and great parks outside of the city. I think part of having any great product, service, park, etc… is having the right marketing as well.

Location is key, but what will you do to let people know about it? What makes your park better than others?
What would be your ROI? What value do you bring to the area?

How much tourism/travel happens in that area of the country? What does the traffic look like in the areas you are looking to buy?

Are there any places to go and visit/sight see around those areas for land purchase?

Just my thoughts. Hope that helps!


Yes , it is Location, Location , Location for sure , after visiting some of the local RV parks in the area I really do not feel it will be hard to be above many of the ones I have seen. LOL Some were real dumps but just a few were really nice and set the standard for me and where I would like to be with my business.