Looking for Investors and/or Partners for turnaround parks in Midwest


If you are interested in partnering on a mobile home park in the midwest, either as a passive or an active partner, please send me a private message. We can discuss our respective criteria for buying parks and see if there might be some potential to work together. I’m a private investor living in the midwest and I am actively searching for (and finding) potential off market deals. Thank you!


Hi, I am a newer investor, looking to partner/JV for MHP, preferably in midwest. Please send me a message and we can discuss our goals.



Hi Jason, feel free to contact me and let’s see what we can work out.


Jason, I own a handful of parks in the Midwest currently and am always looking for new opportunities. Shoot me a message and we can get some dialogue going!


would definitely like to chat


I am also interested in your offer to joint venture on a mobile home park purchase in the Midwest.
Byron Gashler
Email: mogel007@gmail.com


Shoot me an email - stevendsegal@gmail.com