Looking for Broker Recomendations


Selling my park in Monticello AR at just under a REAL 12 cap with good upside. Not too much response from my craigslist marketing and considering using a broker. Any recommendations for good mhp brokers.

I almost went with ‘The MHP Broker’ but they were flaky and made it seem like my 300k park was not worth their time. Looking for recommendations!

And if you are a potential buyer, feel free to drop your email and I will send the deets!

Thanks all!


Stb1973@gmail.com I am a buyer


Buyer maverixinvestments@gmail.com


@Cam - You’ll likely have to go to a smaller broker shop, someone just getting into the industry or a local shop. For the larger guys, the commission check isn’t large enough for them to give you a lot of attention. Just my initial thought.


brpd670@gmail.com if still for sale