Looking for a Partner in the Mid-Atlantic Market


My name is Darren and I’m fairly new to mobile home park investing. I’m in my late 20s and work as a copywriter for a financial publishing company. I spend most of my day writing about different investments and I knew MHPs were a special asset class once I took Frank and Dave’s home study course.

I’m looking to see if an experienced MHP investor would be interested in partnering on a deal somewhere in the mid-Atlantic region. I live and work in Baltimore, MD and can bring several things to the table:

  • I have cash ($15k), which I know is not a lot but it’s something I can contribute to a down payment
  • I have the ability to manage the park and collect rents. I obviously have a day job, but this park would be my second biggest priority and I have no other investment holdings.
  • I can help find off market deals via mailings, I can also write copy and test different strategies.
  • I can use my work/income history for a loan application if needed

I’m looking to contribute cash and sweat equity to someone who can help me get started on my first deal. I think this could be an ideal scenario for someone who wants to invest in my area, doesn’t want to deal with small managerial tasks, and wants to partner with an investor who buys into Mobile Home University’s investment philosophy.

If you’re interested in talking further, I can show you performance reviews from my employer or anything else you’d like to see to understand who I am.

Thank you,



Hi Darren,
My business partner Lindsay and I just attended Frank and Dave’s course in Orange county about 2 weeks ago and are busy looking for parks to buy. Our goal is to have 200 spaces by year end. I love the fact that you have money to put into the deal and are excited about this space. We do not live in your market and would be interested in partnering on an opportunity with you in your market. We can structure a deal so that it makes sense for everyone. We have some funds for a down payment and are also putting structures in place so that we can manage the park efficiently and create strong communities. Please do call so we can chat and see if there is a synergy there and what the next steps would be. My cell is 978 289 3376.