Looking for a park to buy, first time buyer


Hello. I’m looking to see if anyone is selling any parks in Illinois or Wis. area. I’ve never owned a park but my husband and I have worked in the industery for 13 years. we install, read and bill meters. Looking for a park with about 100 sites or so. Thanks, Tracy


Check out Birch Realty or give them a call to see what they have in the pipeline. I am buying a park from them in Ohio and they have been great to deal with. Their website is birchrealty.com

BTW: I have to install sub-meters on all my sites. I know about the meters that you can attach the read-out part to the side of the home so you don’t have to grub around in the snow to read the meter each month. But I have heard of meters that can be read remotely via (I think) radio waves. Do you know anything about this?