Lonnie Dealers / Mobile Home Flipper in East Texas?

Does anyone know Lonnie dealers or mobile home flippers in East Texas?

​We own a mobile home park in Whitehouse TX, near Tyler. We have been making a lot of improvements and rehabbing homes. We have several mobile homes that need quite a bit of work. We are focused on operating the park and don’t have the resources to tackle rehabbing these homes. We are selling these homes really cheap (starting $500) so that someone can fix & flip them. For someone with experience and resource, it could be a good deal. Please contact me if interested or know anyone.

Good luck with that. We are in the same situation but located in North Texas - Burkburnett.
Have you tried posting on fb and CL?

Yeah, we tried both. We had some interest, but most people don’t have enough experience or money to tackle these. We already sold a few last year this way, but have not sold any this year so far.

Hi, Jae.
In case you need to rehab some of your homes, we can be of help.
We are based in DFW anda can travel with our crews to work on homes. A lot of experience here.
Our services are mostly one crew-one week to remodel, depending on home conditions.
We give you back the home redy to rent/sell in the shortest time possible.
Alejandro Riera

Alejandro, thanks for reaching out. These homes need a lot of work, so contractor bids were coming in really high. We have been able to offload them as handyman specials and I think I will continue to do that. I will reach out if anything changes

Hi Alejandro - if any of your crew is interested in acquiring one of these as a rental - I have a few that need rehab. FREE!

We are located in Burkburnett, TX - outside of Wichita Falls.

Not sure if you are still looking for a MH flipper in East Texas. If so maybe we can help each other out. Contact me at DVKight@gmail.com