Live like a multi-millionaire


SDGuy…I am a forum newbie, I am not too far from N Bend, would like to contact you directly re your park. How to do so? put my email here?


Your welcome.

The parks are fairly recession proof. Basically, if you can’t afford to live in a MHP where are you gonna go?

Yes. I agree that CAP Rate cycles will apply.
Interest Rates and Cap rates should be correlated. Along with inflation and Rental Rates.
If interest rates go up, cap rates should go up, and so should rent rates. Pretty hard to predict how well they correlate. That’s why we get paid money to do this. Risk.

I do not try to maintain a certain spread. I just try to only buy parks that make money based on Actual Numbers. If the park makes money and I feel comfortable with the numbers and the park then I’d buy it.



the second one looks like the Chrissly (sp?) knows best house.


thanks Sue …what’s with all the CA haters!!!


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