Large Dog Issue


My issue is this. I use a version of Frank & Daves lease. It limits to two pets 35lbs or less. No dangerous breeds. I have a 2011 house I’ve been trying to sell for nearly 2 years. Turned down several for various issues, including big dogs.

I have a qualified couple who want the home. They would be putting about $3K down payment and I’m carrying the remaining $27K for 10 years. They will not come without their 75 lb Lab. I checked into separate dog insurance they can buy. My carrier (Mobile Ins) says get the $300K pet policy and they are ok.

My question is, what am I starting here? Will this be a positive if I accept them if they self insure the dog, or should I just say no, the 35 lb rule stands. I don’t want a short term gain that turns out to get me sideways with current/future tenants, or other unintended consequences?

Appreciate any experiences, wisdom, etc.


The problem I see is that how do you make an exception for one and not another? I think once you set the park rules… you stick with them, because if you don’t … your tenants won’t either.


Dare I ask if they have claimed it as a service dog…?


I don’t think you can make the exception without creating a larger issue Steve.

I’ve never really gotten why the dogs thing was such a huge deal with parks. The entire policy we all have to enforce has always seemed a bit absurd.


You can not legally make exceptions to community rules without voiding your rules. If you wish to allow a dog into the community that exceeds your weight restrictions you must remove the regulation restricting dog size from your rules. You can not have your cake and eat it too.
You can not ignore or make exceptions to your rules otherwise you may as well not have any rules. Once you let in one every tenant will have the same right to ignore the rule. Your rules will no longer be enforceable.
Enforcing a exception requiring insurance coverage will be impossible. Tenants will not maintain their insurance. The park owner will still likely face a law suite regardless.


I don’t see a problem with a lab. However, you can’t make exceptions. We don’t know which dog is going to be an issue. Pit bulls are known as aggressive dogs but if raised in a good home are probably some of the best dogs out there. However, I have seen yorkshire and poodles that are aggressive and keep the neighborhood awake all night. Stay firm because they will get you on an even bigger issue than a dog.


Thanks for the good advice from everyone. I appreciate it. I’ll be moving on from this buyer.