Lacking money? I'll be your credit/money partner


I’m looking for the opportunity to be a credit and funding partner on one or more manufactured home communities. If you have a deal, but you’re lacking funding, message me.


Hello Reid,
I have a park I believe may interest you. I am looking for an investor /partner. Would love to chat with you about this park.


HI Reid

My name is Robert Larcara and I have 22 lots owned free and clear in Western Arizona. The area is located right of HWY 60 and it is a straight shot from Lake Havasu Las Vegas and the California boarder. During the winter months it is a destination for RV enthusiasts from the Northern states and Canada (aka Snowbirds). We are building Tiny Homes with RV Pads and will rent them on a daily weekly monthly or annual basis. I am looking for funding on the project. The cash flow is very good . If you have an interest please let me know and I will send you all the details. Besides discussing the current project, we are currently acquiring other properties including Mobile Home and RV Parks. Let me know more about your lending guidelines and I will send you all current scenarios.

Looking forward to discussing how we can work together.

Best regards

Robert Larcara


I’m not interested in lending money. I am looking for profit split opportunities. Thanks!


Sounds good. Contact me.