Kentucky submetering experiences

Anyone have any insight here? Metron? Thanks!

Metron provides meter readings for to us at several MHPs utilizing their proprietary meters, while we do the actual resident billing, collection, accounting, regulatory reporting, and resident customer service.

The meter readings have always been prompt, and accurate.

“We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions”

Thanks Dan. Do you have any KY references? Any sense of all-in cost per home at install vs monthly in after-market?

I believe you’re legally able to shut-off water here whereas you cannot in many states - is that something you handle?

We have been sub-metering multi-tenant properties through out the US for over 25 years, please contact me directly for a reference list.

Regarding shutting off water, in almost every state a water re-seller (see other posts regarding re-seller vs a utility) is not allowed to turn off a resident’s water, in addition please review your state’s Landlord Tennant Act.

We do have equipment that will remotely turn off a home’s water. Ideally to mitigate a catastrophic plumbing failure.

"We’re here to answer your sub-metering questions"

Hi my name is Bill Baird with Metron Sustainable Services, I’m more than happy to help you. my direct line is 720-826-1174