Keep or Fire the Manager


Trying to think out a potential problem. Doing Due Deligence on a park under contract. The seller has multiple parks in multiple cities in the state. All within a an hour to 2 from one another. Has a manager that manages all the parks throughout the week. The manager lives in our park actually in his own home. He is quite an a-hole, his home is a mess, And the park is also a mess visually. However, I need someone on the ground for the first few months to help getting this place back in shape. Should I get rid of this guy before I start cleanup process or let him oversee the process and then get rid off him? I really don’t think it’s a good idea to keep him employed and then he is also managing other parks belonging to the guy I just bought the park from. I haven’t yet identified another candidate in the Park or outside. Some possible scenarios would be appreciated.


If he can’t even keep his own home/yard clean, I would estimate the probability that he will be asset for turning around the park during the first few months at 0%

If it was me I would try to line up a replacement and get rid of him from the getgo.


I’d personally keep him around to learn a few things from him. Then dump him if he can’t be trained. Old timers have knowledge about the park that no on else can replicate. You can always play nice at first and learn from him, then let him go. Even one good long conversation with him might be worth the hassle. I wouldn’t just call him up and tell him he’s fired. Even if you stop and talk with him and play nice at first, you’ll probably learn some stuff.


You could sit him down and say, “I have a problem with the way your home looks and I also don’t want to have a problem with your attitude not being in sync with mine, can you make that change or do you want to live somewhere else?”

I would also assume he cannot work for Seller and for you at the the same time. Does he want to live somewhere else or work somewhere else?

Then you manage as best you can until you think you can do better with someone else.

Personally, I’d start fresh though.