Just Joined- List of MHP Assignors?



Just joined MHU after an enjoyable OC boot camp this past weekend.

Curious if anyone has a list of assignors that they’d be open to sharing similar to the MHPS broker list (https://www.mobilehomeparkstore.com/mhp_brokers.htm)?

We have 1031 funds that need to find a home shortly and looking to network with assignors/wholesalers (in addition to brokers).



If you get one I’d love to see this! We were at OC too and are ready to buy something that fits our criteria


I know of a park. What criteria are you looking for?


Up to $1.3M,
Prefer city water/sewer but open to other scenarios
Feel free to email me if you have anything that could be a fit- jkucera@gmail.com



I posted a park 42 space with stick built, but has a wwtp.



K- can you email more details to jkucera@gmail.com or point to me where I can find more details?


Jerome - that’s a good problem to have - what amount roughly do you need to assign? I have two parks going under contract one or both might be a good fit for you. They are both in Texas



Sorry I missed this- we now have a park under contract but are looking to 1031 additional funds within 9-12 mos for a second so keep us in mind.