Is septic with a lift station one big septic system?


As opposed to smaller individual units. I’m not sure how big a septic system can run in parallel. If it is one big unit, does that mean it would be possible to convert that to city sewer without re-piping?


I have 75 lots that go to 9 tanks and lift stations. I have thought that at least if the city ever extends sewer service to my area, then it would not be that big of a deal to hook it up.


Thanks for the feedback Randy. 9 lift stations sounds more expensive than one. Have you ever had an issue with one of them? My guess is they don’t have back ups ready to go sitting in the effluent, but that there is some kind of height level alarm or something to prevent an overflow which scares me.

It wouldn’t be a big deal to hook up because each system already has each system in a parallel of 8 so you would only have to link the 9 systems and then to the road? That’d be great, but not sure if there would be an issue with the angles or size of the pipes.


Yes, I have had issues; pumps burn out, fields needing extending, etc.

My tanks are huge – 10,000 gallons. They are made by stacking the barrels in the photo.

I made a core sampler to keep track of the sludge build up in the tanks, which is what I am holding in the photo. I forget how long I needed to make it to reach the bottom of the tanks but for reference, I am 6’ 6".



Did you renovate your system with those tanks?


They made me put in a whole new system.


Ouch, but at least it should last a lifetime.


Yep, it was a pretty epic haircut and why I made that core sampler and urge others to do the same.

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Did you replace your system because solids reached the top and ruined or clogged the leach fields?


The drain fields failed. There was nothing wrong with the tanks and lift stations. The EPA ordered me to replace the whole damn system.