Is it legal in Texas to refuse to Sublett?

I just bought a mobile home park where I have also lived in for the past 3 years.

I have someone in the park that owns a mobile home but he does sublease it.

He does not have a contract with them. They just verbally agreed they will give him x amount of dollars for rent. He did not give him rules or anything. At thetime he rented it I did not own the park.

His tenants are dirty. They have a mess outside. They have had arguments over parking with other tenants. I have had noise complaints from other tenants. They have more vehicles than available parking.

Now that I own the park, I want to know if I can legaly tell the owner of the mobile home that I will not allow him to continue to sublease to these tenants?

The simple answer is “yes” you can refuse to allow subletting to the subtenants (do not confuse my answer to apply to the question in your heading).

The homeowner is your tenant, and they are on a month to month tenancy (if there is no lease). Likewise, the sub tenant is on a month to month tenancy with the tenant. A possible approach is to ask the tenant to ask the sub tenant to leave and for you to simultaneously ask the tenant to leave, both with 30 days notice. If the sub tenant leaves, then your problem is solved. If not, you file eviction against your tenant and all others in possession of the unit. This requires everyone to leave. Unless you know the nuances in doing this, you should probably engage an attorney.

The home owner is your tenant and therefor you deal with the problem through him. Issue your notices to him and he will need to deal with his tenant or he will end up being evicted.
You also need to take the time to study and learn your state landlord tenant regulations. It is your responsibility to know all the regulations you operate under. This is something you should have done before you purchased the community.

Your lease will confirm whether subletting is allowed or prohibited - it’s your choice which way it goes. Use a standard lease form from the Texas MHA, if you are not a member already you should become one. If you don’t have a formal lease with the tenant you need to get one, or fix that problem as a separate matter.