Introduction to MHU

Hello all,

New to MHU community and wanting to introduce myself. Small investor with about 10 years experience ($3.9MM) in small multifamily but have been looking closely at MHP for the past year and am ready to move forward and take the leap.

An admitted finance geek, and am an avid proponent of owner finance transactions after having done several (although I’m not opposed to bank but not my preference).

Looking to contribute to the community, learn, connect with other investors (I travel every other week all over the country) and find my first park.

Thanks to all in advance!


Hi Dennis!

I am new here also trying to learn as much as I can before I attend the bootcamp in April. I mainly just lurk around and I think I’ve read half of the forum by now but did want to say hello and welcome you!


Likewise, Welcome!

You’ll find tiny operators up to huge operations posting here.

Thanks Avril and Wanderer!

Boot camps like those are great, it will be worth it, enjoy!

It seemed like every random question I had was on here already and I noticed some big names posting in the forums. Great to see little fish (like me) and big fish in one community

Good for you to mine the archives!

Thanks! They are a gold mine, just takes a little patience.

Forums such as this can be invaluable when learning the ropes. Remember to keep in mind the source when seeking advice. Large operators and small operators do not necessarily operate the same and every operator has their own approach as to how to operate a business. The advice you follow will need to match your own business practises.
As a example I am a small operator with a hard line/no BS policy when it comes to enforcing community rules. Others not so much. You adjust your approach depending on weather you operate a trailer park or a community. I have never attended a boot camp buy hopefully they distinguish between the two.