Interested in a Partnership?

Happy New Year to all! I’m a 30-Year Information Technology Executive with 10+ years of CRE investing experience (On GP & LP side) . Please let me know if you are interested in a partnership. Here is our MHP Strategy:

Hold for 5-7 years, improve NOI via capex for potential re-fi and/or sale
Offer 55% to 65% Member Equity vs standard 50% as we want a long term relationship
100+ PADS | Value Add -> Opportunity to bill back utilities, improve management and sell all park owned homes via points program
Prefer City Utilities | Within 60 miles of Metro Areas
Density 7-15 units per acre | Less than 40% park owned homes

Best, Bill

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Hey I would think about changing some of the wording of your post. Technically this could be seen as an unregistered security offering by the SEC.

Please see link for more info:

Thank you for the note Dominic. Since the raise is $1M or less, we were leveraging Rule 504 from Reg D. That being said, I know these statements can be interpreted in different ways, so we will change the language. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Rule 504 permits certain issuers to offer and sell up to $1 million of securities in any 12-month period. These securities may be sold to any number and type of investor, and the issuer is not subject to specific disclosure requirements. Generally, securities issued under Rule 504 will be restricted securities (as further explained below), unless the offering meets certain additional requirements. As a prospective investor, you should confirm with the issuer whether the securities being offered under this rule will be restricted.

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Bill, I’m interested. I own 4 small parks in Texas. Looking to acquire more quickly.

Hi Bill - hope this finds you well. I am in investor looking for like minded partners to establish long term relationships with. I’d be very interested in chatting and if you want to send me your email address I’d be happy to send you more information about myself and my experience so far in real estate.

Thank you.

Hi Bill -

Thanks for the information. I am out of Dallas, TX also and have parks. Would like more information if you have a chance. My email is

Thank you.

If you do not mind sharing the outcome? Thanks