INSURANCE POLICY recommendations


Last year, a windstorm came through our town. It was not huge but it was powerful enough to knock down a utility pole and a big tree both of which fell on tenant fences thereby damaging them. We filed a claim and were told that we did not have coverage for the community infrastructure. We were extra mad as we had specifically asked –via email- for the insurance broker to focus on getting us a policy that would cover us adequately in the event of a disaster such as a tornado. He assured us we would have great coverage with the policy we bought. Sadly, we learned the hard way. Our community insurance policy is up for renewal and there are three coverages we are looking to add:

  1. Utility coverage
  2. Fence coverage
  3. Replacement Cost coverage (for Park Owned mobiles homes) vs the Actual Cost coverage we have now.

I hope this post helps someone here and, additionally, I’d love you’re help with any other recommendations you have regarding:

(1) What other coverage(s) we should consider adding to our General Liability policy for
a. The overall community
b. The park owned homes

(2) Names of Texas licensed companies that have positive ratings. We are currently with Axis but this incident left hard feelings and I’m not sure about their ratings. Any thoughts? How about Foremost?

(3) Names of Texas insurance brokers or agents that may be willing to go the extra mile to help figure out insurance needs.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and God Bless.


Kurt Kelly with Mobile Insurance specializes in MHP’s… give him a ring.


In Texas I always try to get a declaration for stampede insurance. Oddly nobody offers it.

I, too, use Kurt Kelley for my Park.