Indiana park evaluation


Great negotiating. I may have to call you for some tips sometime.


@MichaelG , as per your Post on April 5, 2016:

  • “Ok so it looks like I have a park at bargain basement price tens of thousands off the original agreed upon price.”

I am just curious how it is going?

Have you closed on the MHP?

Thanks So Very Much!


Park closing was April 22 and I started right away to change the park into something better. First month found a dead homeless guy in an abandoned trailer (that was fun). put in park signs and upgraded the mailbox area with new mailboxes and a gazebo to help promote the park in the future. closed the laundry room and am slowly pushing it into a community center. I will be evicting 1 tenant next week and working on investigating the sewers then also. I am about ready to make a purchase of a new trailer to move in and see how that sells before I move onto the other 3 I want to get to bookend the property. Payments of rent from tenants are for the most part on time except for the eviction. Fairly happy I took this but we will see what the sewer eval looks like, hoping for spot fixes and not total replacement.

Thanks for asking.



@MichaelG , thank you for your update!

We wish you the very best!


Way to stick with the process! This is a great thread on how you stuck to your numbers of what was realistic and put in the hardwork to get it performing better over time. Way to go!


We’d love to hear an update on this park MichaelGfd!:grinning:


I think i sent him a message a while back just to see how this was and had not heard a response. I too would love to hear on it!


Yes, I would love to hear more also. We all enjoy success stories. It sounds very similar to our experience…except the homeless dead guy part!