Illinois EPA Requirements for Submetered Water from a Public Utility Company

Does anyone know the Illinois EPA Requirements for Submetered Water from a Public Utility Company?

I am in the process of purchasing a mobile home park in Springfield, IL and apparently I am required to have a certified operator test the water that is being provided to my park by the Springfield utility company. Is anyone familiar with this requirement? Is this a real requirement?

I own a park in southwest Chicago that also has submetered water and I have not encountered this requirement at that park. Or perhaps this is just something I have not been aware of.

Thanks much for your help!


Jim, I do not specifically know the requirements, but based on your first sentence, it seems that some of the terms may be conflated - EPA, Submetered Water, and Public Utility Company, in particular. Generally the EPA is worried about contamination. The Illinois Commerce Commission regulates Public Utilities and sub metering regulations and may have testing requirements. I would suggest you contact the ICC. They most likely have an expert who can answer your question better than anybody on this forum.

Thank you for the recommendation! I will do that.


As long as you are a re-seller (pass through of costs) of water/sewer and specifically not a producer (as in a providing well water or septic service) and there is no profit motive, MHP owners who sub-meter are exempt EPA over site.

Federal EPA standards and the Safe Drinking Water Act do not disallow sub-metering. Also the Congressional Records reflect in brief “there is empirical evidence that sub-metering promotes water conservation and the Safe Water Drinking Act should not discourage water sub-metering”.

Just remember you are a re-seller not an utility.

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Thanks, Dan. Very helpful. I am going to look into this further and let the IL EPA we don’t plan to continue this testing if it is not required of us as a re-seller.