How to value dock rentals in Park


I am looking at 2 different parks for sale on lakes. Each has a boat ramp and dock with income by renting slips in the dock.

I have been to the parks and the slips are in fact full and at market prices but I have no idea how to calculate value for rental income on dock space.

Supposedly the spaces are leased out 100% in the summer and 50% the rest of the year.


We would discount the rents like we do RV spaces. We would look at historical occupancy and do so accordingly. In this scenario we would probably take the conservative approach and give 50% of the revenue.


I’d consider the life of the docks (depreciation), maintenance required, insurance, management overhead, and replacement cost as part of your formula. You may find that after looking at all of that the boat slips are rented at a reasonable price, or not so much, at the market prices advertised. Based on that you can value it in line with your investment criteria to add it to the park value.

It sounds like a headache to me though, like a washateria, so I would not give it a whole lot of value unless it’s materially contributing to the business’ bottom line.


With over 25 years in the business–strictly a break even situation. We use the marina strictly as a necessity to be a 3-4 star instead of a 2 star–resort to garner an upper end client!!


Carl - I understand your approach to a full blown Marina.

What about for a 10 year old floating dock that has 20 spaces?


To be really helpful need details of the location–river, lake, state and what part of income the floating docks bring in to the total operation. last one we had 48 slips but NO fuel sales. Need more details to be able too nail this down as a winner or money pit!!!



I am not giving out the location until I purchase or drop the park. However - It is currently doing $85 a month in the summer and keeps all 20 spots full. Half full at $70 the rest of the year.

There are no other amenities than just a dock with 110 power at the slips. No gas or anything else.

This is around average on this lake.

Total income is at $14,000 for the year. When I was asked for expenses on the dock I was told just the electric bill and they handyman has to occasionally purchase nuts and bolts. The dock is only 10 years old and metal.

I have to assume there is a higher cost than a few dollars a year.

How would you value this dock?


Without location I cannot be of any more help! Similarly if we had a $500,000 home would the better location be Twining, MI or South Haven, MI on Lake MI. The value could greatly appreciate on some bodies of water and in some areas like high crime areas the value will continue to decrease. Location, Location, Location!!!