How to know sewer pipe type... From Sewer Camera?


We received an initial inspection from a plumber that said “Per owner, a large majority of the underground sewer mains have been upgraded to PVC sewer pipe. There is some older sewer pipe in the northwest corner of the park. Ron W***** also stated that this sewer has been evaluated with a camera and is in good condition. Type of pipe in this area is not known for sure, but must likely cast-iron or Orangeburg.”…

The plumber inspection was part of the due diligence manual. It didn’t really any add any value, but more importantly, it didn’t tell us if the sewer material type - which is what he asked for. That is all owner info.

Will the sewer test (camera) 100% tell us the sewer pipe type?


Camera will make it pretty clear what type of pipe you have


I hope you didn’t pay anything. This plumber sounds like a realtor. “Per owner this property make a bazillion dollars per year.”